Growth Hacking
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You want to significantly increase your sales, new customers and customer lifetime value? An effective growth hacking strategy and marketing automation is one of the most important levers for this.

We are happy to assist you based on 12 years of online marketing experience,Email Marketing Automation, Web SnalyticsConversion Optimization and social media marketing to help you develop and implement a growth hacking strategy tailored to your clients, and assist you with initial analysis, identification of actions, tooling Selection, implementation, analysis and continuous optimization.


  1. Increase in sales
  2. Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  3. improving customer loyalty
  4. Lowering the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  5. u.v.m.


Action Description
Status QuoReview existing online marketing processes and channels.
AnalysisAssessment of Current Marketing Performance and Customer Acquisition Cost.
Action PlanningIdentification and Definition of Relevant Actions.
AcquisitionImplementation and Expansion of Growth Hacking Channels.
OptimizationOptimization of the Sales Funnel (Conversion Optimization).
BindingIncrease Customer Lifetime Value Upselling measures.
RecommendationActivation of Existing Customers in Context Recommendation.
Quality AssuranceEnsuring Continuous Optimization.


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