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You want to increase the value creation, reach and revenue from the organic search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and improve their visibility on the search engines? We are happy to support you on the basis of more than 12 years of SEO experience to uncover the strengths and potential of your domain, to develop a long-term SEO strategy and to implement necessary SEO measures together.


  1. Optimization / Development of SEO Strategy.
  2. Increase the organic SEO reach as well as added value overall.
  3. Transparency about necessary measures and SEO potentials.
  4. Implementation of the individual SEO measures.
  5. Increasing the professional SEO competence and knowledge transfer to internal employees.
  6. Establish a regular SEO process.
  7. u.v.m.


In the last 12 years we have been able to develop numerous SEO strategies, carry out SEO audits and SEO trainings and, together with our customers, have been able to increase the value added and reach of the organic search channel by more than 100%. The basis for this is provided by a 150-aspect comprehensive SEO measures catalog, which has been further developed and optimized over the years.

Leistung Beschreibung
AdditionsProvisioning Additions (Analytics, Webmaster Tools)
CrawlingCrawl the entire domain in the same way of Googlebot.
AnalyticsAnalysis of Google Analytics and Search Console (webmaster tools) data.
SoftwareReview of the software stack or technical infrastructure (CMS, shop software).
Test CatalogCheck with our more than 150-point test catalog.
Competitive ComparisonReview, Comparison and Comparison of Major Competitors.
EvaluationEvaluation of the results and creation of a target / actual comparison.
PrioritizationPrioritization of the individual measures and Assessment of Expenses and Potentials.
VotingPresentation of results and action list.
Conversionspecification of requirements and monitoring of the implementation.
ControllingContinuous controlling of success and derivation of potentials.

Check Catalog

As part of our 360 ° SEO consulting, all aspects are comprehensively reviewed, necessary measures derived and prioritized. The catalog covers aspects from all relevant areas:

area Themes
Rank Brain
  • Information Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
  • Indexing
  • Duplicate Content
  • Pagination
  • Microformats
  • Markup
  • Load times
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sitemap
  • Data feeds
  • ...
  • Search Volume Analysis
  • Keyword Target List
  • Content Specials
  • Content Structure
  • Publishing Workflows
  • Internal linking
  • ...
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Link Management
  • Link Hygiene
  • Link Acquisition
  • ...


Stefan Wetekam Max von der Nahmer - Managing Director of atlaris GmbH - is a reliable constant in the field of SEO at Cornelsen and has always been very supportive since 2013. Together we implemented numerous important technical SEO measures on our portals, established content marketing workflows in the company , the visibility index increased by more than 50% and the overall value added from the channel search improved significantly.


Web Analytics
Together, Google traffic and visibility have more than doubled in several customer projects.
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