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We support you with more than 10 years of concentrated Zend Framework expertise and agile development methods.

We are building comprehensive new Zend Framework applications, extending existing Zend systems, and migrating running Zend applications to new releases (ZF 2 & ZF 3). We accompany you from the analysis of the initial situation, collection of requirements to the rollout. The implementation is based on agile methods and the latest technologies.

Zend Framework services at a glance

Performance Description
new development You want to develop a new application based on Zend 3? We develop professional Zend Framework 3 applications and guide you from the collection of requirements to the rollout.
Extension You want to extend an existing application? We support you in the expansion and maintenance of existing Zend solutions.
Upgrade You want to update an existing application? We support you in upgrading ZF1 and ZF2 applications to Zend Framework 3.
Refactoring You would like to optimize an existing application? We support you in refactoring existing applications.
Coaching You want to make your Zend team even better? We advise and train your team based on years of experience.


  • Personal Advice & amp; Contact
  • 12 years of experience
  • Fair Cost Structure
  • State of the Art Expertise
  • Full-Service Offer
  • Top references from existing customers


Stefan Doseth As Interim Product Owner, Max - Managing Director of atlaris GmbH - has significantly developed the technology field over the last 2.5 years, established an agile development process and built up a powerful team of product managers and developers that both increase the range by more than 40% and could significantly improve customer satisfaction through various new functions.

Impressions of a Zend Framework Application


Zu unseren mehr als 100 Kunden gehören u.a. SRH, AKAD, HHL & FOM. Erfahren Sie mehr zu Referenzen, Kundenstimmen und Kunden, die atlaris in den letzten Jahren erfolgreich unterstützen durfte.


Zend Framework at a Glance

Zend Framework (ZF) is an open-source PHP framework for object-oriented web applications, implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the new BSD license. To date, Zend Framework has been installed more than 150 million times, making it one of the most popular PHP frameworks. The framework is basically a collection of professional PHP based packages. The framework uses several packages using Composer as part of its package dependency managers. Zend Framework provides users with support for the Model View Controller (MVC) approach in conjunction with a front-end controller solution. Zend Framework can be used to develop web applications and services using PHP 5.6+ and provides 100% object-oriented code with a wide range of language features.

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